Solutions for Cybersecurity

An impeccable connection speed and secure infrastructure to cover all Cybersecurity Business needs.

Data Centers

Reach clients around the globe. Heficed offers unique locations in Johannesburg and Sao Paulo as well as locations in North America and Europe.

Stable Tier 1 ISP Connectivity 

Top international carriers (Cogent, Telia Carrier, PCCW and more) ensure blended traffic for a fast and reliable connection. No matter where your clients are located, with 99.99% uptime, they will never have issues reaching your servers. 

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers

Internet without boundaries! Browse the Web without restrictions despite your geographical location and enjoy unlimited and secure cyberspace to effortlessly harvest global data online.
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Bare Metal Servers

Bare Metal

Heficed’s bare-metal solution ensures that you are in full control of data processing and storage stacks. Enjoy single-tenancy, auto-provisioning and full customization using Heficed’s infrastructure.
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