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Want to scale your business with the help of an ever-growing pool of IPv4 addresses and professional IT network and infrastructure services? Consider becoming a Heficed Partner!

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Heficed Partners

Hardware Suppliers / Solution Providers

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Infrastructure / Colocation

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IP Transit Providers

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Want to Become Our Next Partner?

Join a wide variety of Heficed partners in various industry verticals and enjoy the benefits below.

Data Center

Data Centers

More colocation or new locations – this is what data centers can provide for their customers. However, you need IP resources, and Heficed is here to help with that.


Hardware Suppliers

Hardware suppliers can always sell more hardware; however, most of their customers can’t scale their businesses due to the IP shortage, and that’s we can help with.

SaaS Network

SaaS Network Software

Heficed works with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers, who can scale their networks and infrastructure by upselling IP resources to their customers.

99.99% Uptime

Solution Providers

Solution providers support customers with various services. To ensure that they save money and produce quick solutions, Heficed offers unused IP resources.


Business Cases

Browse our customers’ business cases to learn how Heficed executes Infrastructure and Network solutions.