Solutions for Hosting Providers

Benefit from expertise and know-how of hosting industry professionals and expand your business capabilities _

White label solutions for hosting industry _

We create value through guaranteed service levels and consistency – providing you with the technical expertise, knowledge and experience of hosting industry professionals.

Wide variety of IPs

We can offer a rich variety of different subnet sizes up to /16, multi-region IP spaces, or we can customize one to meet your particular needs to bring diversity to your hosting business.

Advanced hardware

Our hosting solutions use proven technology from our partners Dell, Intel, Supermicro, and Toshiba containing only advanced and certified functionality for white label dedicated servers and cloud infrastructure.

Terminal and API

Manage and scale your services via Heficed’s Terminal and API. Access multiple features and functions – from reboot, remote console and rescue mode to advanced DNS and IP resource management through the Switch control panel.

Managed service solution

Benefit from managed service solutions for peace of mind, control through higher maintenance, monitoring and management time reduction as well as hardware investments.

Heficed's global locations _

[ IP Switch ]

Automated IP provisioning platform seamlessly interconnected with Heficed’s network and infrastructure. Instant access to over 500,000 geo-located and reliable IPs. We cover all IP network regions, including RIPE, LACNIC, ARIN, APNIC, and AFRINIC. All IPv4 and IPv6 spaces are blacklist free and are instantly available. We offer a rich variety of different sized, multi-region IP spaces and customized solutions to meet your particular project needs.

[ Kronos Cloud ]

Kronos Cloud empowers you with the compute resources that let you to respond to changing business demands – whether it’s more storage for customer, product data, increased compute power for data analytics or engineering programs. Running in the cloud means running without constraints.

[ Proto Compute ]

Proto Compute dedicated servers are suitable for a large private cloud, a full-stack application cluster, or disaster recovery site deployments. Everything is dedicated, nothing is shared.

[ Heficed Connect ]
Benefit from the speed of direct connection via our multi-location network spanning the world, ensuring seamless internet service reach globally. Our worldwide IP network is constructed on carrier-class routing infrastructure from Juniper Networks, the leading provider of next-generation IP core routers. This allows bandwidth-heavy traffic to reach its target while eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring there is adequate capacity to handle immediate, unpredictable business demands.

Data centers specifications _

Smart Fire Detection System
  • Gaseous fire suppresion system
  • Temperature and fire alarms
  • Optical smoke detectors
Physical Security
  • Layered physical access control
  • Building-in-building construction
  • Video surveillance
Sustainable Energy Innovations
  • Cold-aisle containment
  • Natural cooling
  • Variable frequency drives
Compliance Information
  • Tier 3 classified
  • ISO certified
  • PCI certified
  • Soc 2 Type 2 certified
  • BBB accredited

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"Heficed has done a great job finding ways to offer innovative solutions that drive efficiency both for its business and its customers. Our companies share core values that center around customer service and innovation. We are proud to partner with Heficed to support its growth."

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George Karidis
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"I would recommend Heficed as professionals, who are serious about business and committed to delivering results. They will always accept feedback and this is the most important thing when it comes to partnership."

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Peter Friedenfeld
Senior Director
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"Current communication provides a good insight into the relationship between Cogent and Heficed, a relationship we believe will continue to be fruitful. We see Heficed as a reliable partner that we would absolutely recommend without any doubt."

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Ilina Laleva
Global Account Manager
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"We strongly recommend Heficed as an infrastructure services provider and vouch for their ability to stand by their commitments. We wish for many more projects to work on together, and we will remain dedicated to developing a successful and rewarding partnership that benefits our clients."

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Judd Lindvall
Business Development Manager
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"Heficed is a growing company well run by an enthusiastic team. It is always interested in progress and never stands still. They have built a reliable value for money and comprehensive service that is modern and being constantly updated."

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Nick Winters
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"After working with Heficed, we would recommend them as a reliable service provider. The consistency of Heficed operation delivers the confidence to know that customer’s objectives and expectations will be met."

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Vice president
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