Solutions for Hosting Providers via One Platform

Take full advantage of the expertise and know-how of hosting industry professionals and expand your business capabilities.

White Label Solutions for Hosting Industry 

Floating IPs Global

Wide Variety of IP Addresses

  • Subnet sizes up to /16
  • Multi-region IP spaces
  • Customizable space for your diverse business
  • Access to +2.3M blocklist-free, reliable IPs across the globe
  • IP mapping to access any latitude/longitude
  • Scalable solutions

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Hosting Providers

Advanced Hardware

  • Technology from our partners Dell, Intel, Supermicro
  • Tier 3 classified data centers
  • Gaseous fire suppression systems in DCs
  • 24/7/365 security guards
  • Internal and external video surveillance
  • Biometric access control
  • Intensive maintenance routines for optimal performance

Global Locations

Heficed’s secure, environmentally-controlled Tier 3 data centers ensure top-quality performance and easy approach to the major business areas around the globe.

Heficed Hosting

Empower Your Business with Robust Hosting Solutions

Expand your organization’s reach with Heficed’s dedicated cloud hosting services that enable you to publish and run your website or web application from wherever they are in the world.

Our solutions grant access to robust technologies that support your digital portals. Take advantage of dedicated hosting, IP transitand bare-metal solutions that enable your enterprise network to run at the highest performance level. With Heficed, you can establish your own digital space, where you can narrate your brand’s story, build international customer relationships and facilitate straightforward purchase transactions.

Heficed’s hosting solutions were created by the industry’s professionals, and we can keep your websites running smoothly 24/7. With Heficed’s dedicated hosting services, your enterprise network can create a positive user experience that leads to effective business fostering, higher revenues, and a robust ROI.

Managed Service Solution

Heficed’s managed service solutions alleviate the tasks that might need extensive expertise. Our managed solutions include performance monitoring to oversee the migration of content and databases and to ensure the performance of the highest level. We perform security sweeps to detect potential attacks or malware before your enterprise network is harmed, and we execute software updates to keep servers running smoothly.

Heficed provides extensive customer services, and our team is ready to address all concerns. Take advantage of our dedicated tech support and enjoy fast ticket response times and weekly backup services.

Hosting Solutions Tailored to the Needs of Your Enterprise

Scalable Managed Servers

Built for High Scalability

Heficed’s dedicated hosting, IPAM and bare-metal solutions were designed to scale with your business. Use one platform to upgrade features whenever necessary.

Hosting Providers

Manage Traffic Spikes

Keep operations running despite traffic spikes. Rest assured that the server exclusively used by your network can handle traffic spikes and maintain high uptime.

Managed Servers Global

Access Thousands of Unique IP Addresses

Rent dedicated servers to access unique IPs, gain private SSL certificates, increases website stability and establish stricter security for critical email streams.

Earn Money at IP Address Market

Save on Overhead

Save your time and resources by leasing a public IP address and a dedicated server. Heficed commits to handling the cost of repairs and maintenance routines.

Complete Hosting Solutions for Various Industries

Experience superior dedicated hosting services with our Bare Metal Servers that feature custom architecture, global locations and thousands of IPs. Take advantage of bare-metal solutions with Cloud Hosting, which is built on top of an open-source KVM hypervisor, is fully automated and provides you with full root access. At Heficed, we are ready to manage and address all of your hosting needs and provide robust support from the experts within our Support Team.

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers

Cloud Hosting provides you with compute and IP resources right when you need them.

Bare Metal Servers

Bare Metal

Designed for demanding businesses that require high performance, stability & data security.