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Powerful bare metal and IP address pool support business intelligence industry customers.

IT infrastructure for web scraping

Leverage our powerful infrastructure to develop your data driven projects. We provide a wide range of resources and solutions that can be fully customized according to web scraping preferences.


Being one of our major customers, Business Intelligence industry benefits from wide range of resources, including our IPs, blended traffic, dedicated and cloud servers solutions. Our powerful infrastructure and network enable easy and high performance project implementation.

Multi-region scraping locations

Low latency is the most valuable aspect by BI. To achieve maximum efficiency implementing your enterprise analytics projects, Heficed provides you with the access to multi-region locations. Build your network through Heficed platform. 

Multiple networks

Connected to the major carriers, Heficed offers high-capacity bandwidth, blended traffic, single-provider, and other solutions. Network variety enables you to increase your company’s performance and flexibility.

Wide variety of IP addresses

Heficed offers Switch – automation powered platform. It is a pool of wide variety, different size, multi-region IP addresses where you can lease IP resources for your bussiness needs. 

Data Driven Industries Rely on Heficed _

Broad range of industries, building their strategies with Business Intelligence solutions, demand a reliable and high-performing network infrastructure.


Data driven companies find Heficed platform useful for engineering their IT infrastructure and network. 


IP addresses, Business Intelligence

E-commerce: Web Scraping

IP addresses, Business Intelligence

Marketing & Sales: SEO and Leads Generation

IP addresses, Business Intelligence


Financial Research: Data Aggregation and Risk Analysis

IP addresses, Business Intelligence

Travel: Price Monitoring

IP addresses, Business Intelligence

Retail: Competitor Analysis

IP addresses, Business Intelligence

Data Science: Analytics, Machine Learning

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