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Business Intelligence

Succeed in finding and acquiring the exact data needed quickly and accurately with multiple IP resources.

Business Intelligence Solutions _

High performing infrastructure, supporting the enterprise processes and data analysis of business intelligence industry customers’.

Get accurate data for business growth

Leverage our powerful infrastructure to develop your business intelligence related projects. We provide a wide range of resources and solutions that can be fully customized according to your individual preferences.

Being one of our major customers, Business Intelligence industry benefits from wide range of resources, including our IPs, blended traffic, dedicated and cloud servers solutions. Our powerful infrastructure enables easy and high performance project implementation.

Multi-region scraping locations

To achieve maximum efficiency implementing your enterprise analytics projects, Heficed gives you with access to multi-region locations. Select specific solutions and business areas according to your needs.

Multiple networks

Connected to the major carriers, Heficed offers high-capacity bandwidth, blended traffic, single-provider, and other solutions. Network variety enables you to increase your company’s performance and flexibility.

Wide variety of IPs

Heficed offers Switch automation powered rich variety of different size, multi-region IP spaces to meet your particular business needs bringing diversity to your business.

Industries Lean on Business Intelligence _

Broad range of industries, building their strategies with Business Intelligence solutions, demand a reliable and high-performing infrastructure with scalable storage.






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