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Solutions for
Business Intelligence

Collect and analyze data with Heficed’s Business Intelligence solutions.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Heficed’s powerful bare-metal solutions and an extensive IP address pool support Business Intelligence clients.

Business Intelligence

IT Infrastructure for Web Scraping

Leverage our powerful infrastructure to develop your data-driven projects. We provide a wide range of resources and solutions that can be fully customized according to your web scraping preferences.

The Business Intelligence industry can take full advantage of a wide range of resources, including a large IP pool, blended traffic, dedicated and cloud servers solutions. Our powerful infrastructure and network enable you to develop high-performance projects.

Managed Servers Worldwide

Multi-Region Scraping Locations

Low latency is essetial for Business Intelligence. Heficed provides access to multi-region locations to enable you to develop enterprise analytics projects and build your platform for maximum efficiency.

99.99% Uptime

Multiple Networks

Heficed is connected to the major carriers and offers high-capacity bandwidth, blended traffic and other solutions. Network variety enables you to increase your company’s performance and flexibility.

Data-Driven Industries Rely on Heficed

A reliable, high-performance network infrastructure that enables various industries to build their strategies with Business Intelligence solutions.

Business Intelligence


Web Scraping

Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales

SEO and Lead Generation

Clear Financial Statements

Financial Research

Data Aggregation and Risk Analysis



Price Monitoring



Competitor Analysis

Machine Learning

Data Science

Analytics Machine Learning