Peer with Heficed

Open peering policy. Connect with Heficed and improve the quality of your network.

Extensive Peering Relationships

Exchange Internet traffic and reduce settlement expenses with extensive peering relationships in Chicago, São Paulo, Johannesburg, Frankfurt and more. Scale your business across South and North America, Africa and Europe.

Multi-Region Locations

Heficed’s direct peering provides the lowest latency to your target networks on an uncongested path. As a result, the service enhances speed and reliability.

Guaranteed Network Capacity

Every Heficed location is reinforced by a minimum of two Tier 1 ISPs and one local exchange point in order to ensure uninterrupted network availability.

Impeccable Reach Across the Globe 

Bandwidth capacity

3 Tbps

Peak traffic

1 Tbps


1G and 10G


Los Angeles, US

IX Points: LAIIX
PoP: 10


Chicago, US

PoP: 25 PoP, 8 Network PoP


Reston, US

PoP: 25 PoP, 8 Network PoP