Heficed | 17/07/2019

Heficed Becomes Newest Member of i2Coalition

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Network infrastructure provider Heficed became a member of the i2Coalition to join the effort in keeping the Internet infrastructure open.

Heficed has joined the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition). The IP address, cloud, and dedicated server solutions provider became the newest member of the organization, which is aimed at providing a voice informing Internet infrastructure-related public policy for “those who build the Internet.” By joining the likes of Google, Equinix, and Amazon, among others, Heficed looks to be an active member of the coalition, ready to represent the values that the i2Coalition stands for.

“We decided to join the i2Coalition to become a member of the group of companies that put the effort in keeping the Internet sustainable,” said Vincentas Grinius, CEO of Heficed. “Our company is dedicated to doing its part in helping to ensure that the Internet remains multi-governed and neutral. Together with other like-minded enterprises, we want to help ensure that the resources of the Internet are being used effectively.“

The i2Coalition is an organization uniting various companies working in the field of Internet infrastructure. The organization’s mission is to “keep the Internet open as an engine for growth and innovation.” By working with Internet infrastructure providers, the coalition is advocating for sensible policies and helping to create industry standards, while building awareness of how the Internet functions.

“The coalition plays a crucial and much-needed role in the development of a more sustainable Internet. Besides helping to create an Internet environment where users can act in a safe, open, and effective manner, the organization is also providing knowledge related to Internet infrastructure,“ commented Grinius.

Intermediary liability, privacy, encryption, access to data, Internet governance, and digital trade are the core focuses of the i2Coalition. In general, the coalition advocates for keeping the Internet free and multi-governed to protect its nature as an engine for innovation.

“Even though all the fields of interest of the i2Coalition are essential in fulfilling their mission, we are planning to pay extra attention to digital trade and Internet governance,” added Grinius. “Our years of experience as an Internet infrastructure provider has both created a vast amount of knowledge regarding these topics and informed us about the present issues and threats.”

As the coalition is member-driven, the participating enterprises are guiding what activities should the organization engage in. To do so, the i2Coalition is comprised of four working groups, each of them tackling different issues: ICANN Committee, Public Policy Working Group, Diversity, and Inclusion Initiative, and Best Practices Working Group.

“Heficed is planning to join the ICANN Committee working group, as we are particularly interested in involving the global Internet community in the process of making the Internet more accessible and effective,” finished Grinius.


Headquartered in London, Heficed provides full-range services for IP lease, monetization, and management services. Heficed serves around 60 multi-billion industries starting from hosting to automotive or healthcare. With the millions of IP addresses and 12 years of industry experience and the operations globally, Heficed can meet any demand needs. That includes automated provisioning bare-metal solutions and cloud services in 9 locations around the world.

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