Articles / 11/04/2017

Hot Plugging in Linux Cloud Servers


Last month Cloud Servers were complemented by our latest feature – RAM and CPU hot-plugging!

Up until recently, upgrading RAM/CPU of a Linux Cloud Server VM required VM reboot for the changes to take effect. With a hot plug feature, anyone can add RAM/CPU to a running VM, and the changes will take effect immediately. Guess what? That means no more service interruptions while managing your VM resources.

The feature was enabled by default with all new Linux Cloud Server templates (except for Debian 7 due to kernel 3.2.0 compatibility issues).

What should you do if you have purchased your Cloud Server before the release? No worries, only a few additional tweaks must be done to enable hot plugging.

Additionally, Cloud Server OS templates update v2.0 was rolled out, which guarantees OS versions are up-to-date and in sync. Fedora 23 was replaced with the newly released Fedora 25.