CEO Brief / 05/03/2019

CEO Brief #1

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It’s my first monthly brief as Heficed CEO (we’ve rebranded!). I’m so excited about this monthly brief series – each month. I’m going to deliver a blog piece to introduce the community to the latest news, plans, and visions of the crazy named company. I can assure you – March is going to be awesome with Heficed. You wonder why?

3 events in one month

We are heading to 3 events in March: RSA Conference 2019 in San Francisco (March 4-8), Cloud Expo Europe in London (March 12-13), and CloudFest in Frankfurt (March 23-29). We‘ll be glad to introduce you to Terminal or simply meet for dinner and an interesting talk.

Moreover, the European conferences will be cool because you will be able to join speaking sessions with us. Me and Heficed Head of Business Development Kestutis will talk about Challenges with reliable IPv4 and network management in fast-growing locations (save your spots!).

Meet Heficed team in March 2019

Better user experience in Terminal

It’s been already two weeks when we’re carrying the new name “Heficed”. It’s been an exciting time to watch your growing interest in our strongly facelifted brand (Google Analytics is a great tool, you know). By the way, we received a great batch of feedback about the newly built client area – Terminal. We are proud of new features such as IAM, 2FA, user roles, time billing, and virtual machines management. They were implemented because you’ve been expressing your interest in them as well. Thanks for this! Still, our dev team works on a 24/7 schedule to make your experience with Heficed even better and to roll out more new features. Stay tuned!


The new name seemed to be an exciting topic for you, guys 🙂 Let me remind you – it’s Heficed /ˈhɛfʌɪst/. How did we come up with it? I have a full story for you here in case you’ve missed it.

By the way, greetings from South Africa. Would love to meet you here!

Vincentas Grinius
CEO / Heficed

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