Events / 23/08/2019

Heficed Joins i2Coalition


“Heficed is the IP address-centric infrastructure provider whose mission is to make accessing and managing IP addresses easier than ever. We found out more about their new IP address platform and how good policy can help you stand out as a company.

Earlier this year, Heficed launched the first global self-service IP address management platform. IP addresses, of course, are the unique identifiers all devices need to access the internet. Dedicated IP address provides stable and secure connections, and they’re managed locally by regional Internet registries.

The company is leveraging more than 10 years of infrastructure and networking experience to offer customers a more straightforward way to manage complex IP networks, and they can get up and running in minutes. If the user needs IPs from a particular region, they can get them on IP address platform, whether their business has a physical presence in that region or not” (Internet Infrastructure Coalition blog).

Read the full interview here.

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