BGP Management

Our Integrated Intelligent BGP Management Solution Efficiently Scales Dynamic Routing Policies. No-fuss, no errors.

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It's a fact of digital life, Internet ASN's and BGP cannot live without each other. They are autonomous when it comes to routing network traffic around the globe.

However, engineering resources are called upon more and more to ensure that efficient routing of traffic negates instabilities and loss of business.

The routing of IP addresses to ensure uninterrupted and durable network availability has long required an extensive effort from network engineering departments.

As the business of organizations and their online presence becomes increasingly challenging with the requirement to gather and analyze data continually, the hurdles faced by network engineers advance unabated.

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Heficed's BGP management facilitates your company's dynamically changing requirements, allowing you to relocate your IP space throughout our network and scale according to your business needs.

Further benefit to the client, it removes routing anomalies due to BGP misconfigurations. These will include routing loops, invalid routes, and persistent fluctuations, which will inevitably lead to a failure of service level agreements.

Heficed’s effective BGP management removes the element of human error and the possibility of misconfigurations, which could result in the potential loss of business.

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