How To Upgrade Cloud Server

Heficed provides Cloud Server users with the upgrade/downgrade option. This feature provides great flexibility as it allows adding or removing specific resources by units.

Using the feature, you can adjust the server to your exact specifications. This ensures that you do not need to pay for unused resources.

Due to the architecture of the servers and the networking restrictions, there are a few limitations:

  • Number of IPs can only be upgraded
  • Hard disk size can only be upgraded
  • Number of backups can be downgraded if there are free slots left (note that scheduled and manual backups take one slot each)

You can view, add or remove resources via the Terminal. Go to Cloud Hosting > Cloud Servers > your server and click Edit Cloud Server to upgrade Cloud Server.

Edit Cloud Server menu.

Once you customize the server to your specifications, click Save changes.

NOTE: All invoices for your selected server must be paid before you can edit them.

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