Heficed | 04/02/2019

Heficed is Launching Server Locations in London and Los Angeles

Heficed brand

Heficed is launching a new cloud and bare-metal server locations. Now you can plan to expand your network to London and Los Angeles. Not to mention doing it with low latency and higher quality connection.

New server locations in London and Los Angeles will be added to the substantial list of already existing ones in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia. An instant, low-latency enterprise solution allows our clients to scale their businesses in multiple locations worldwide. Make sure to explore the new sites until the end of 2018.


Headquartered in London, Heficed provides full-range services for IP lease, monetization, and management services. Heficed serves around 60 multi-billion industries starting from hosting to automotive or healthcare. With the millions of IP addresses and 12 years of industry experience and the operations globally, Heficed can meet any demand needs. That includes automated provisioning bare-metal solutions and cloud services in 9 locations around the world.

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