How to connect to your server by using SSH?

Using SSH is arguably the best method of managing your server so knowing how to use it is beneficial.
Before we start, it is required to gather some information. We will need a server IP address and root password.
The following article will help you to locate these details: Where can I find my server login details?

As an example, we will use server ‘server-sshconnect‘ with IP address

Depending on your Operating System, proceed to establish a connection.


For windows users, using PuTTY would be the easiest option:

  1. Download PuTTY
  2. Launch PuTTY
  3. Enter your IP Address and click ‘Open
  4. Accept the Security Alert
  5. Type in your username ‘root
  6. Enter your password
Putty instructions

The default SSH port is 22. If SSH port is changed, make sure to specify it in ‘Port‘ field.


For Linux or macOS users, no additional software is necessary. Simply open up a Terminal by using a search tool in your system.

Once you have your Terminal opened, proceed to enter the following command.

# ssh root@<ipAddress>

Agree to continue connecting by typing in ‘yes‘ and enter your password.

OS terminal

If the SSH port has been changed, specify it by adding ‘-p‘ parameter.

# ssh root@<ipAddress> -p <portNumber>

Congratulations! You have successfully established an SSH connection. To properly disconnect, you can simply type in:

# exit

In case you would like to use SSH keys to improve your security, feel free to go through this article: How to Generate and Use SSH Private & Public Keys?

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