CEO Brief / 28/12/2020

A Roundup of 2020 and New Goals for 2021. CEO Brief #9

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When I completed my trips last year, I never thought that we would be locked up due to COVID-19 and that the pandemic will be one of the biggest disasters of the 21st century. The pandemic hit disastrously for some industries like travel, oil, and leisure, not to mention restaurants. 

Nevertheless, let’s look closer and compare the 2008 economic crisis to COVID-19 (purely from the economic perspective). According to Robert J. Shiller, an economist from Yale University, we are in a much better scenario right now. The biggest fear of humanity is the uncertainty of what will happen next. That is how the whole world’s market is built on prediction, certainty, and expectations.

You may ask where I am heading? My primary goal is to address the world is changed, and we must adapt the way we will do business and communicate. It will mainly impact cultural business aspects where we will have to WFH for at least a year, if not longer.

So, what is the solution to foster your business culture remotely? How can remote work positively impact the business? What is the key to having fluent communication inside of an organization? That is the question we have been answering most of 2020. There is no best answer, but there is a direction that can help build the culture remotely. However, that topic will continue to remain active in 2021. The most important thing is to stay healthy and safe.

2020 Roundup

So what happened during 2020 at Heficed? It seems like we were in January not so long ago, now we have December already, but that is because most of the time we spent working from home. We have achieved a lot of goals that gave us a perfect base to start in 2021. Let’s review our 2020.


We fixed many bugs, and 2020 was the year where we put our attention to the details. We will remain the same way as usability is the top priority for us. That increased the customers’ happiness, allowed us to avoid confusion, and, as mentioned in my previous post about the marketing plan, tremendously increased the LTV (lifetime value).

Difference between User experience and Design
User Experience vs. Design

We have involved people company-wide to address the usability issues, and we want to engage our customers to commit any UX/UI problems we need to fix.

WOW Moment

The WOW moment came to us when we saw the IP Market growing. We firmly believe that IPXO will change the core and fundamental Internet resource management – IP addresses. No matter if it is IPv4 or IPv6, we will remain committed to delivering the best solutions to make the Internet resources utilized in a much smarter way.

The most important thing to understand is that no one ever thought that green energy or gift packaging is the problem. The Internet has the same efficiency problems, and you can read more about it in my latest CircleID article.

Culture, People, WFH

At some point, Zoom shares were higher than the seven biggest airlines combined, which shows the real deal here the work environment has changed. The cultural matters must get developed from different perspectives, and many businesses must adopt new ways of engaging their people inside the company.

The importance of cultural well-being is important, and as I have mentioned previously, it is a massive challenge to maintain the company culture remotely.

That said, it is important to engage with the needed values, vision, and clear communication inside out. That will remain for us thought out 2021 as well.

Goals for 2021

Bare-metal automation, VPC, as many integrations as possible, cross connectivity between the services is the main focus for us. That will remain and in 2021.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

~ Vincentas Grinius

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