How to Order IP Addresses

Heficed’s Additional IPs section is the world’s first automated IP management solution, which has been launched as IPXO.

Continue reading if you wish to learn how to order IP addresses using the Additional IPs section.

NOTE: You need to have a verified Business Organization to use the Additional IPs section. If you already have a Personal Organization account, you can change it to a Business Organization.

1. Log in to the Terminal.

2. Go to Additional IPs > Order.

3. Choose the preferred Mask, RIR, and DC Location. Click Search.

Once the list of available subnets appears, select the subnets you want. They will be reserved for a short time.

Once you select the desired IP ranges, click Continue and complete the purchase.

Heficed's Order new subnets menu.

4. Once the invoice is paid, you will find your subnets in Terminal > Additional IPs > IPAM. At this point, your subnets are ready to be assigned.

Heficed's Subnets menu with the Assign action button.

If you face any issues ordering IP addresses, contact our Support team via Terminal > Support > Tickets > Submit a ticket.

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