Feature Request Reporting With Heficed

Insight from our customers is what helps us at Heficed offer better services. We invite you to share your feedback and help us make Heficed services even better and easier for you to manage.
Learn how to submit feature requests and upvote features to give them a higher priority.


Heficed Roadmap gives you an overview of the submitted feedback and what the teams are currently working on. You can find three main categories for all feedback:

  • Feature requests

    – requests related to the platform, hardware and network performance
  • Datacenters

    – requests related to new DC locations
  • Integrations

    – requests related to third-party integrations
Heficed Roadmap demonstrating different feedback categories.

The Under Review section contains all feature requests that we are currently considering. All features in the planning stage are under the Planned status. The In Progress status identifies everything that our teams are currently developing and fixing.

Submitting a new feature request

To submit a new feature request, find the Support tab in the Heficed Terminal and click Feature request.

Feature request shortcut in Heficed Terminal's Dashboard.

Click CREATE POST. Add a title for your feature and provide some details for our team. You can see the submitted requests on the right.

Heficed Feature Requests menu with a request form and a log of requests.

Every time your feature request gains a new status and receives new comments, you will receive an email notification.

Upvoting features

The more upvotes a feature request has, the higher its priority becomes. You can see the number of upvotes next to every submitted request. Click the number to add your vote.


Access Changelog to find all updates that our team has implemented recently.

Keep an eye on the Changelog to keep up to date on new and improved product releases, hardware and network updates, bug fixes, and more.

Heficed changelog sharing product releases, updates, bug fixes, other news.

Do you have any questions? Our Support team is ready to chat via support@heficed.com.

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