The Full Guide to the Heficed Reseller Program

Learn all about the Heficed Reseller program:

  • How does the Heficed Reseller Partner Program work?
  • What are the Heficed Reseller Partner Program benefits?
  • What are the Heficed Reseller Partner Program tiers and discounts?
  • How to become a Qualified Reseller Partner?

How does the Heficed Reseller Partner Program work?

Heficed Reseller Partner Program is created to empower Reseller Partners to scale while reselling our custom white-label solutions under their own brand. You can easily resell our infrastructure solutions: 

  • Dedicated (Bare-Metal) servers
  • Cloud servers

We provide our Reseller Partners with various solutions and a powerful API to help them fully control the selling process. 

What are the Heficed Reseller Partner Program benefits?

Heficed Reseller Partners can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Resell Heficed products, cloud and bare-metal servers, under your own brand while offering tailored white-label solutions for your customers
  • Low Entry Level – discounts with as low as $300 Monthly Recurring Fees (MRF)
  • Best-in-class discounts to minimize your costs and help you gain a competitive advantage in the market
  • Resell solutions to your customers with our in-house developed API while fully controlling the reselling process
  • Improve your business reach by reselling Heficed products in multiple locations worldwide
  • 99.99% connectivity and performance uptime and a hands-on support team
  • A dedicated account manager to help you scale faster
  • Access to +2M IPv4 addresses to go with the infrastructure you resell

What are the Heficed Reseller Partner discounts?

25% discount if you are reselling for $300/mo-$9,999/mo.

Start with as low as $300 per month and enjoy the best-in-class discount with the Heficed Reseller Program.

Exclusive discount and full migration support if you resell for $10,000 and up.

We offer exclusive discounts and customized contract conditions according to your business needs. Along with custom solutions, full migration support and a wide range of documentation to get you started.

How to become a Qualified Reseller Partner?

The first step of becoming a Qualified Reseller Partner is to apply online.

Heficed Reseller Partner Program online application button.

Once we receive and review the application, you will get an invitation for a call. Your Reseller Partner application is confirmed if you meet the following requirements:

  • Can provide a verifiable company name, company website, company email, phone number and address
  • Have a business plan (target markets, approximate business volumes, etc.)
  • Offer billing and accounting support to your clients
  • Can resolve spam, copyright & abuse reports and any other violations of Heficed agreements

You are qualified as a Reseller Partner and can start enjoying partner discounts when you reach the minimum monthly sales value equal to $300.

Talk to our sales team at if you have any questions.

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