My Server Is Slow

There may be several reasons why your server is performing poorly. First, check your server resource usage: CPU, RAM, disk space, bandwidth. Note that resource shortage can have a huge impact on your server’s performance.

Additionally, check your network connection to the server. Network problems between your ISP and your server may cause delays or connection interruptions. Perform a 5-minute MTR test from your device to the server’s IP address when the problem occurs. This test may help you determine which network point is causing network problems.

Check error logs on your server as well. If the software installed on the server is performing slowly, check the application configuration and look for any errors. Check the error logs of your software too to find more information about potential problems. Make sure to read your software documentation for troubleshooting and/or configuration advice.

If you believe the problem resides in our internal systems rather than the server itself, please submit a ticket to our Support. Please provide as much information as possible so that we could help you effectively.

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