My Server Is Not Responding

There are multiple reasons why your server may suddenly stop responding. These reasons may be related to:

  • Recent updates in your server operating system
  • Recent changes in your server configuration, including Network, Firewall, Port or Boot loader configuration changes
  • A recent server crash
  • Server resource over-usage
  • Anomalies within the network

If you cannot connect to your server using the SSH protocol, you can use the Virtual Console to perform maintenance. To access Virtual Console, go to Dashboard > Cloud Hosting > Cloud Servers > select your server > click Virtual Console in the menu at the top.

Virtual Console button in Heficed Terminal's cloud server management panel.

Cloud Hosting servers also offer the Rescue Mode. You can use this feature to boot your server using Linux or Windows rescue images and perform server maintenance.

If you cannot resolve the problem yourself, please submit a ticket to Support.

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