I Want the Enterprise SLA. How To Upgrade It?

Service SLA guarantees a higher priority level of service from our Customer Support team.

If you have not chosen the Enterprise SLA when ordering your server, you can change that in a few simple steps.

Step 1. Edit Cloud Server.

Log in to the Terminal, go to Cloud Hosting > Cloud Servers > your server, and click Edit Cloud Server.

Edit Cloud Server button highlighted in Heficed cloud server's management panel.

Step 2. Choose SLA type.

In the Overview tab, expand the SLA menu and choose Standard, Advanced, Premium, or Enterprise.

SLA options listed in Heficed's Edit Cloud Server menu.

Step 3. Save changes.

Click Save changes and an invoice for a new upgrade will be created.

Once you pay the invoice, your SLA type will be upgraded automatically.

If you have any questions, submit a ticket or contact us directly at support@heficed.com.

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