Blocklist handling: JustSpam

My IP was not added to the IP marketplace, because it is listed in JustSpam. What should I do?

Heficed takes IP reputation seriously and we do not allow people to bring blocklisted IPs. We understand, that the JustSpam de-listing procedure is rather cumbersome, therefore we do not require IP Owners to get their IP’s removed from the JustSpam blocklist, however it is strongly encouraged.

What is required, is to clear the IP of all the underlying blocklists:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a listed IP into the 1. search field, click 2. [Check] and in the following window click 3. [Test if IP can be removed].
  3. Check what underlying blocklists 4. still need to be cleared – proceed to the website of any active blocklist, to get it cleared.
  4. If there are no active blocklists for an IP, no action is required.
  5. Once all the underlying blocklists have been cleared, inform the Abuse desk.
Check an IP
IP is blacklisted
Blocklist that needs to be cleared

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