How to delete IPv4 and IPv6 rDNS records in bulk?

If you have multiple rDNS records set or uploaded in bulk, you can easily remove them by using ‘Bulk delete‘ feature.

STEP 1. Create a .csv file with the IP addresses separated by newlines. This can be done with most of the text editors.
*Make sure that there are no white spaces in your file.

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STEP 2. Proceed to access the ‘Bulk delete‘ feature in Terminal -> DNS Management -> Reverse DNS Records -> Bulk Delete.

Bulk deleting instructions

STEP 3. Choose your created .csv file and it will be processed in the background once you submit it.

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STEP 4. Have a look at the logs in ‘Task journal‘ to make sure that rDNS record removal was successfully submitted.

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Important: Please keep in mind that it might take up to 24 hours for rDNS removal to fully propagate.

If you face any issues when trying to delete your records, feel free to contact our customer support team at Terminal -> Support -> Cases -> Submit a Ticket.

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