Abuse Notifications

If you have received an abuse ticket, you need to take it seriously. Keep reading to learn how to deal with these tickets.

Here is an example of an abuse ticket notification.

Abuse ticket notification sent via email from Heficed Abuse Department.

It is expected that you inspect the report(s) and handle the cause(s) of the abuse.

In the abuse notifications email you receive, you will find a link. Click it to access the information that will help you deal with the abuse.

An arrow pointing to a hyperlink in the email from Heficed Abuse Department.

The link in the email will direct you to Heficed’s Abuse Self-help system, where you can find useful information regarding the abuse, including evidence.

Abuse ticket summary in the Heficed Abuse Self-help terminal.

There are four tabs that you can navigate to access information:

  1. Basic information – basic details regarding the abuse ticket
  2. Technical details – events, which are times when abuse was reported to our system with evidence and sources
  3. What is this? – general information about the type of abuse, which you can use as a guide when dealing with the issue
  4. Questions/Resolved! – a form that you can use to communicate with us
Heficed Abuse Self-help terminal tabs that provide abuse ticket information.

NOTE: Make sure you use the Questions/Resolved! form to communicate with us. When you do, share this information:

  • What actions were taken to resolve the abuse
  • What procedures/actions/systems/means were implemented to ensure that the abuse does not recur

Once you address the abuse, you can change the Status to I have resolved the issue and click Submit.

Heficed ticket status that can be changed from open to resolved.

Once you submit this information, our Abuse team will check if the abuse was handled effectively. If it was, we will close the ticket.

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