How To Assign IP Addresses to the Server

Once you order new IP addresses, it is easy to assign them to your Cloud Hosting and Bare Metal servers. Follow the instructions to learn how to do it.

1. Log in to the Terminal, go to the Additional IPs section > IPAM, locate your IP address range and click Assign.

Assign button highlighted in Heficed's IP Address Market Subnets menu.

2. Select the location of the server to which you want to assign IPs.

Assign IP addresses menu. Server location example.

3. Choose a server in the chosen location and click Save.

Assign button highlighted in Assign to Heficed Server menu.

You should see a message stating that routing was completed successfully.

A list of Subnets in Heficed's IPAM menu.

NOTE: If an error appears instead, submit a ticket or contact us directly at

Please keep in mind that if you assign your IP ranges to a Cloud Hosting server, you will also have to perform STOP/START actions to allow traffic through the assigned IP addresses.

Stop button highlighted in Heficed's Cloud Servers menu.
Start button highlighted in Heficed's Cloud Servers menu.

Finally, to make your IP addresses usable on your server, configure IPs on your network interface.

If you have any other questions, please send us a message at any time.

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