Cloud Server Bandwidth Usage Policy

Cloud server bandwidth is billed for terabytes of outgoing data per calendar month.

Manage traffic menu in Heficed's IP Transit menu.

Server bandwidth is unified per area using Heficed’s IP Transit service. If you have one or more servers in one location, one IP Transit service is created. The bandwidth usage of all servers is joined and calculated together to offer easier management, control, and payment processes.

You can purchase additional bandwidth in the selected location via the IP Transit menu at the Terminal.

Our automated system checks the bandwidth consumption and limits the network speed to 128kbps in case of bandwidth overage. Unless you upgrade the order, the limit will persist until the beginning of the next bandwidth accounting period.

Terminal information

  • You can find the network speed limit in the Cloud Server’s Overview tab.
  • If your network speed is limited, you will see an exclamation mark (!) in the Networking section.
  • You can find more information in the Traffic chart within the Cloud Server’s Metrics tab.
Server bandwidth. Networking information in Heficed's Cloud Server Overview tab.

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