I Cannot Connect to My Server

If you cannot connect to your server, the server is either down or unreachable over the network.

Error to connect to server

First, access your Heficed Terminal and make sure that the server is powered on. If you find that your server is offline, please power it on, check the server resource usage statistics and investigate your server logs for errors.

If your server is currently online but is not responding to remote connections, it is likely that the server crashed, used too many resources, or that the network services have stopped. In this case, you can use the Virtual Console to connect to your server and resolve the problem.

NOTE: Your server’s IP might have been null routed due to DDoS attacks. This may be the reason why your server is unreachable over the network.

If you have looked at all possible scenarios and still cannot connect to your server, please submit a ticket to our Support team via the Terminal.

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