Cloud Hosting CPU limitation

Why do we do this limitation?

As the Cloud Hosting is run in a virtual environment, it shares physical resources with other cloud users on the same hardware. To ensure smooth running to all of our customers we have to limit elements who use a lot of resources.

How does this limitation work?

If cloud server CPU utilization reaches above 70% and stays above this amount for two hours, all CPU cores will be limited to 70%. This limitation will last until CPU utilization falls below 63%. This can be achieved in two ways stopping the process in your server that have high CPU utilization or by ordering more CPU cores to your server if available.

What to do if you have been limited?

As mentioned above you have two options:

  • Stop a process that has a high CPU utilization.
  • Order more CPU cores.
  • If you’re doing CPU-heavy tasks, consider ordering our Heficed Proto compute server. (our dedicated server)

How do I know if my server been limited?

You should receive an email from our automated system if your server been limited as well as when this limitation been lifted. As well as checking in your Heficed Terminal account.

Need further information, feel free to contact our support!

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