The Beginner’s Guide To Heficed

Registration is free and always will be!

You’re welcome to register at the Heficed Terminal, browse through the Dashboard and manage your digital infrastructure resources using one platform.

Services Overview

IP Address Market is a platform built to help you manage IPv4 and IPv6 resources effectively. Lease & monetize your IPs with ease.

IPv4 Subnets

Any RIR available

Earn Money at IP Address Market

Monetize or Lease IPv4 & IPv6

Global locations

Geo-location available

Bring Your Own IP

Advanced IP search

Cloud Servers

Subnets from /32 up to /15

IP Address Market

Unique and the only solution in the market

Long Term

ROA or LOA available


Route to your network or use it on Heficed stack

Cloud Hosting servers provide you with an opportunity to kick-off your services in multiple global locations within minutes! Heficed provides DNS & rDNS management, BGP management, Custom OS ISO support, and 99.99% uptime.

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers empower you to utilize the compute and IP resources right when you need them.

Bare Metal Servers are fully customizable dedicated servers developed for the workload of any business. We provide multiple global locations, BGP management, DNS & rDNS management, Custom OS ISO support, 99.99% uptime, and automated provisioning (coming soon!).

Bare Metal Servers

Bare-Metal Servers

Designed for the most demanding businesses that require high performance, stability and data security.

Heficed Top-Notch Customer Support

We strive to ensure the best services for all of our clients. We are ready to jump in, openly communicate, and solve your problems as quickly as possible if you face any issue. We provide top-notch support via:

  • Public Slack – ask your questions, request features or report problems
  • Live Chat – receive quick assistance from our Support team
  • Ticket system – submit a ticket via the Terminal
  • Knowledge Base – browse through articles and find answers to your questions

Heficed Partner Programs

Like Heficed services? Want to become our partner? We have amazing programs that you can enroll in at any time.

  • Reseller Partner Program – receive discounts, minimize your expenses and gain a competitive advantage in the market
  • Referral Program – improve your sales performance by referring our high-quality products and services to your business partners and customers
  • IP Brokers – IP Address Market platform enables IP Brokers to register subnets and list the lease prices they are looking to accomplish on behalf of their clients

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