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Outstanding BGP Connectivity And Unmatched Resilience


Multiple Locations

Heficed is already facilitating the growth of many companies into various continents with its strategic locations. Heficed currently has infrastructure locations in London, Los Angeles, Virginia, Chicago, Frankfurt, São Paulo, and Johannesburg.


24×7 Professional Support

We provide 24×7 support for all areas of Heficed’s solution platforms, whether it’s assistance in onboarding or the provisioning of IP Addresses, bare-metal computers, or Kronos cloud or to assist in copyright infringements of websites located on a Heficed hosted platform. We’re here to ensure you get the most out of your Heficed experience.


Major Tier 1 Providers

Up to 100 Gbps of IP Blended traffic and safe connection is immediately available through our strategically chosen network of major global ISP providers. Heficed’s global PoP’s, allied with our preferred routing through carefully selected top Tier 1 ISP providers, achieves astonishingly stable BGP connectivity to the Internet.


Custom Connectivity Solutions

We’ve engineered our 100 Gbps global backbone to deliver the dependability, protection, and performance our customer’s demand and your customers will expect. Our comprehensive globally owned and operated PoP network, along with top Tier 1 ISP’s, enables organizations to leverage our BGP connectivity in creative and customizable ways that provide solutions allowing for changing traffic patterns. With port capabilities of 1G, 10G, and 100G, we offer flexible resolutions to connectivity dilemmas.


99.99% SLA Guarantee

Heficed offers free, and extended SLA plans with additional capabilities with a 99.99% uptime commitment to our clients throughout all of our Service Level Agreement plans. The uptime metric guarantee is generally the most important, but our SLA’s can include different technical support levels and system backups as required. Each SLA plan will outline expectations as to what levels of response times will be in place, plus ticket resolution goals, core skills and competencies available for detection, isolation, and resolution of any problem.


95% Percentile Billing

At Heficed, we use industry-standard settlement-based peering. We guarantee minimum bandwidth that allows our clients to scale upstream capabilities more consistently. At times, the actual monthly usage will not wholly follow the data predictions painstakingly calculated by the enterprise network managers. For that reason, we employ 95% percentile billing, which does away with bandwidth caps, facilitating our clients with a short (less than 36 hours, given a monthly billing period) burst in traffic without overage charges.

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